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Grand article,
L'image Vitashell utilise un sujet précis?

[Release] ONElua VITA V3R0

 par DavidNunez ¦  18 avr. 2017, 02:16 ¦  Forum : Projets ¦  Sujet : [Release] ONElua VITA V3R0 ¦  Réponses : 2 ¦  Vues : 1095

With this ONELUAV3R0 (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA. I have the happiness, to announce that ONElua has an important update! With the arrival of version 3.0, comes fairly new...

Re: [Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game!

 par DavidNunez ¦  29 mars 2016, 19:10 ¦  Forum : Underground ¦  Sujet : [Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game! ¦  Réponses : 5 ¦  Vues : 1840

Hey, sorry I'm late xD To use collision in Anésidor, I have create a new map with GBA Graphics with red color. When this new table is create and load (dofile and not with map function), i add new condition when the player meet a colli...

Re: [Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game!

 par DavidNunez ¦  10 mars 2016, 21:25 ¦  Forum : Underground ¦  Sujet : [Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game! ¦  Réponses : 5 ¦  Vues : 1840

Great Wirus, I hope, that @applelo, I can help, maybe a good sample!

[Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game!

 par DavidNunez ¦  10 mars 2016, 19:53 ¦  Forum : Underground ¦  Sujet : [Project] [Onelua] Help With Platform game! ¦  Réponses : 5 ¦  Vues : 1840

Hi, After a long time of elbowing a mini test on this subject, I meet do not understand well how to collisions ... I mean, using Onelua V4, I'm testing this code .. --Tables (Maps) dofile("Tile_Maps.lua") BKG=image.load("BKG.png") Map0=image.loa...

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