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With this ONELUAV3R0 (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA.

I have the happiness, to announce that ONElua has an important update!
With the arrival of version 3.0, comes fairly new, v3.0 features list:
Please use oficial Web for download


+ Ported to be 100% compatible with taiHEN and use the maximum of functions.
+ New Touch Module (separation of the buttons module).
+ New Motion Module (Read Accelerometer, gyroscope).
+ New Console Module (Debug text console).
+ New Thread Module (Handling of threads or processes).
+ New Channel Module (Data connections between threads or processes).
+ New Link Module (Remote File Emulation), used 'PSP2LINK' of Bigboss @psxdev.
+ New Theme Module (Management of personalized themes for Livearea).
+ Completely rewritten Sound module, now supports OGG, MP3, WAV, in addition to playing from net sources.
+ Added function buttons.homepopup(), Enable / Disable the PS button to exit a game or app.
+ Added function buttons.portinfo(), Gets information from the control ports on the console.
+ Fixed functions buttons.rumble() and buttons.lbar().
+ Added the ability to scan QR codes with the camera, using the function cam.scanqr().
+ Added the metafunction of converting a color to a number, using color.tonumber().
+ Added 2 new colors in color.loadpalette(), 'color.shine' and 'color.shadow'.
+ Added the game module (Handling applications or Bubbles), Some functions:
|- game.list(), It allows to obtain a list of all the installed games in ux0 and ur0 of your console.
|- game.move(), It allows to move a game or application from ux0 to ur0 or vice versa in the system.
|- game.delete(), Delete a game or application on the system.
|- game.exists(), Lets you check if a game or application exists on the system.
|- game.install() & game.installdir(), Installation of VPK packages, and directories, Now when installing an update of a game the changelog.xml is shown correctly in the game bubble in the Livearea.
+ Added the possibility of render scroll effect, in the screen.print().
+ Fixed the function screen.clip(), now work, and support circle limit.
+ Added the function screen.brightness(), Allows you to get and set the brightness level in the console.
+ Added the function screen.frame(), Allows you to get the current frame that the console is displaying.
+ Added several new functions in the OS module:
|- os.master() Allows you to enable Unsafe mode on the console.
|- os.access() Allows you to know the type of access in the console (Safe or Unsafe).
|- os.taicfgreload() Allows a reload of the file config.txt from the Tai folder (henkaku).
|- os.browser() Allows run the browser.
|- os.newuri() Creates a fast access URI command to an application.
|- os.updatedb(), os.rebuilddb() In order to update or completely rebuild the database (app.db).
+ Updated the internal debugger.
+ Rewritten most code, to be more optimized and fast.



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