[3DS] 3DSident s’offre une petite mise à jour

3DSident, homebrew inspiré de PSPident ou encore VITAident, se voit aujourd’hui offrir une petite mise à jour qui corrige quelques bugs et rajoute plusieurs fonctionnalités, comme par exemple les informations du NNID (Nintendo Network ID), des infos sur les 3 slots Wi-Fi (code, adresse MAC etc), le code du contrôle parental ou encore l’adresse e-mail relié au compte ainsi que la réponse de la question secrète.

Voici donc le changelog complet, en anglais :

  • Removed unnecessary config info. (Original version aims to only display crucial information, and is therefore kept as minimal as possible).
  • Refactored ANY_KEY, which fixed a bug with some earphones causing the original version to exit immediately.
  • -Now displays estimated battery voltage. (Thanks to Sono and Sykhro for helping me with the voltage calculations).
  • Now displays number of NAND titles installed.
  • Displays adapter state. (connected / disconnected) -> This is different from the charging status.
  • FS_USER functions used for file handling (screenshot stuff).
  • Displays region when showing system version. (Example 11.4.0-37’U’)
  • Displays WiFi slot info – SSID, password and MAC.
  • Displays host ID (IP Address).
  • New NNID Info using ATCU account data blocks.
  • Displays both NNID user name and principal ID as before.
  • Displays Mii name. -Displays NNID persistent ID.
  • Displays NNID transferable ID base.
  • Displays NNID country/timezone.
  • New colours for Misc tab, NNID tab and WiFi slots.
  • Displays home menu ID.
  • Fixed a few minor glitches when refreshing values.
  • Code clean up, refactors, removed dupes, fixed overflown buffers, more consistency + minor optimizations etc.
  • All of the above, except for the color and removing config stuff.
  • More explicit storage info. Displays used/free/total storage info of the four FS_SystemMediaTypes with storage bars.
  • Minor aesthetic changes, now the subject and values are two different colors.
  • Gets inserted card type (NAND / CTR).
  • Fast scroll using circle pad.
  • You can now use the start button to exit instead of scrolling down to the exit tab.
  • Config info now displays the following parental control information;
  • Displays parental control pin.
  • Displays parental control email address.
  • Displays parental control secret answer. (Thanks Fenrir for reminding me I was one byte off!)

Voilà, on espère que tout cela ne vous aura pas trop fait mal aux yeux ^^’. Si vous souhaitez télécharger la dernière version de 3DSident, c’est par ici :

3DSident, par Joel16

Bon amusement ! ;)